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Change Lives

Your donation directly impacts the lives of those living with limb loss or limb difference by allowing us to provide:

*Peer Visits and Support Groups

*Physical Therapy (when Insurance no longer covers) 

 *Adaptive Fitness to Improve Mobility & Increase Overall Health

*Wheelchair Ramps/Home Renovations

*Educational Resources & More

Peer Visitation is a vital aspect of our ministry and can make an overwhelming difference in recovery & a in new amputee's mental health.  Our goal is to ensure that no one has to travel this journey alone.

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Support Groups and social gatherings are the heart of what we do and are an important part of the recovery process.  We are proud to provide connection, education, resources, and hope  for both the patient and their caregiver(s). 


Physical Therapy & Adaptive Fitness allow us to see a direct physical impact on the lives of those we serve.  Mobility saves lives and we strive to help our community stay moving and active by filling in the gaps of care left by insurance or Medicare.