Changing Seasons, Changing Limbs

As the season starts to change and the weather cools, many lower limb amputees often see a change in their residual limb. Even the slightest change in size can make a big difference in wearing your prosthesis comfortably.

Just as our fingers can swell in the summer and shrink in the winter, our residual limbs can follow suit. Pay close attention to how your liner is fitting during the months of dropping temperatures. You will most likely begin to notice a looser fit. Addressing the issue as soon as you notice it can keep you from having further issues down the road.

Something as simple as adding an extra layer of socks as you notice the extra room in your socket can help to solve the problem rapidly. A lot of amputees carry extra socks with them throughout the day in case an adjustment becomes necessary. This is a great practice and can be a quick remedy should you find yourself in this situation.

Should you find yourself having to add multiple layers of extra socks to alleviate for the difference in your limb size, you should visit your prosthetist to discuss alternative solutions. You should never need to wear more than a few extra ply of socks before you need to discuss having a new socket made with your prosthetist.

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