Limb Loss

Let’s talk about limb loss.

One time my doctor said, “You woke up this morning like any other day, and never expected this accident to happen.” Well he was right! And no one really knows what may happen in the future. Unfortunately, some of us have accidents, or disease process and limb loss is unavoidable.

The Stats from the CDC estimate 2 million people in the US are amputees and about 500 people a day in the US lose a limb. Some are permanently disabled but many can still have very active and full lives. Sometimes amputees can be treated differently or looked down on because of their physical difference. Through education the public can be educated and become more familiar with amputees and their amazing abilities to cope with their difference.

Let’s take for example just routine daily activities can become time consuming and or tiresome. That doesn’t stop amputees from having productive lives. They just figure out ways to make it happen. Ingenuity and a never give up attitude help many amputees make it through each day. Amputees are normal folks who shouldn’t be treated any different.

Joining a support group helps amputees navigate through their changed world. Support groups offer support and advice from someone who has already been through surgery or recovery. Having a support group also helps one figure out how to best answer questions from family, friends and the general public.

Education is the key to more acceptance.

(This week's blog post is written by new lbk amputee Miranda Mullins.)

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