Pain Management - Here's What I've Learned

Let's face it - pain hurts! And it can make it hard to accomplish or focus on anything else. However, it is possible to reduce the pain and to manage the pain that remains. Here's what I've learned:

Keep a Pain Journal - Keep a daily log of your pain. Rate it. Keep track of what is going on, what symptoms you are experiencing, what you're eating, what your movements are when your pain is at its beginning and at its worse.

Record your Medications - Track both OTC and prescription medications you are taking during each pain episode. Note the dosage amount and how often you are taking it. Record your experience with each - how effective is it and how quickly did it begin working.

Stay in Touch with your Physician - Don't try to manage your pain on your own if it isn't working. Talk to your healthcare provider. And them talk to them some more. And some more. Share your journal and medications records with them and let them know what works and what doesn't. They can't help if they don't know what's going on.

Patience, Grasshopper - I know it's hard to wait for anything - especially relief from pain, but sometimes that's what it takes. It may take a while before you and your physician find the magical combination that works for you. Try not to get frustrated - and don't give up. Living a pain-free or pain-manageable life is possible and it's worth the hard work it sometimes takes to get there!

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