Sit and Be Fit

A lot of amputees may parallel immobility with being unfit. We may think that because we're not able to walk or aren't able to lift weights because we are missing arms or legs, that therefore we're not able to be strong and fit. This simply is not the case.

There are many ways in which we can remain healthy and active regardless of our circumstances. The ideal that we're headed for a lifetime of inactivity and idleness is just simply not true. We are able to do so much more than we may believe.

We can strengthen our core in so many ways whether we are able to walk or not and whether we are able to lift or not. The only thing we have to have is the desire and motivation.

Here are a few simple exercises to help you sit and be fit!

  1. Sit up straight. Sit up straight on the edge of your chair. Lift your shoulders up and back, pressing your belly button into your backbone. This position alone works your abs and back muscles and will do a great deal to strengthen your core, without even moving your arms or legs.

  2. Move your legs. You can take this seated posture position one step further and exercise your legs by simply moving them. From the same position, step your legs out to the front and to the sides. Lift them in front of you and pull them back under your chair. Simply move them. By moving, you are strengthening your muscles, which in turn will improve your stability, balance, and coordination.

  3. Move your arms. From the same correct posture position, push your arms out in front of you as if you were punching a punching bag, rotating back and forth between arms. Punch as many times as you can. You can also stretch your arms out straight to your side and rotate them in a clockwise position. Continue for as many reps as you are able and then rotate to counter-clockwise and repeat.

It really doesn't take a lot of work to make a difference in our fitness level, no matter the presence or absence of limbs that we may be living with. Mobility, even at the smallest level, can help enhance and lengthen our lives. Just because we may not can do it at the level of someone else doesn't mean we can't do it.

Sit up straight. Move your legs. Move your arms. It's really that simple!

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