Tips for Amputees in the Sweet Summertime

While we all love the treats that summertime brings - longer days, warmer weather, fresh fruits and veggies - sweating profusely is likely not on that list!! The heat and sweating that accompanies long summer days can definitely be a nuisance, but for us amputees it can also be troublesome.

Besides making us uncomfortable and sometimes stinky, excessive sweating can also cause or worsen already existent sores or irritations - especially on an amputated limb within a prosthetic socket. Excessive sweating and moisture within your liner can cause it to shift and slip off of the skin, loosening the necessary tight fitting socket, allowing the limb to shift and move within the socket, and resulting in abrasions and discomfort.

Maintaining personal hygiene on our amputated limb is absolutely critical for creating a problem free environment inside of our gel liners. Sweat control is a vital part of our hygiene and there are absolutely some things that we can do to help reduce the risk of problems that arise due to sweating. I've listed a few of them here:

  • maintaining personal hygiene

  • proper care and cleaning of liners and sleeves

  • wearing perspiration control prosthetic socks

  • having a well fitting socket

  • using an antiperspirant spray designed for amputees

  • knowing when to call it quits and get out of the heat (and out of your prosthesis)

Speak to your prosthetist if you're having problems with sweat accumulating inside your gel liner. Make certain your socket is fitting properly and ask about perspiration control socks. Your prosthetist can order these for you, and should be able to recommend a proper antiperspirant spray or other helpful tips for helping to control sweat. You don't have to let the heat and excessive sweat keep you from enjoying these sweet summer days!

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