Why Did I Start Life Unlimbited?

I get asked all the time why I wanted to start Life Unlimbited, Inc. There are several aspects to my answer, but it really boils down to 3 simple reasons:

I don’t want anyone to feel alone. I never had a connection with other amputees until I was in my 30s. Once I found that connection and felt as though I BELONGED, it changed my life. I want to connect with other amputees so they don't have to experience that feeling of isolation.

Depression is real. It sets in easily and often following amputation – and can linger for years afterwards. Feeling as though you’re all alone and that life as you knew it has ended can be two very hard pills to swallow. Community and connection can change that. Statistics show that amputees recover quicker and experience less depression when paired with an amputee peer prior to or immediately following amputation. There is healing in connection.

Mobility saves lives. The longer you stay inactive, the higher your chances are for developing other medical issues. Decreased mobility following amputation can lead to a host of other physical problems, as well as feed the depression and loneliness demon. By getting amputees up and going, giving them something to look forward to, and providing them with an opportunity to become and stay more active, we can save lives.

If you or someone you know is an amputee, I would love to connect with you!

Let's experience the power in community together!

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